Concession Stand Volunteers Needed (B-Ball/A-Ball Families)

Posted by Tomahawk Youth Softball Board on May 14 2018 at 10:40AM PDT

We have had some parents volunteer for the concession stand slot during the city league games. However, we still need more. We will need to fill our spots by this Wednesday, May 17th to ensure we have a concession stand this year. We need to setup, plan, and shop so we need YOU to pick a spot.

Coaches have sent out emails asking for parents to sign up, please let your coach know if you can work. If the dates your team are assigned doesn’t work for your schedule, reach out to your coach or the Concession Stand Manager to pick a different date.

Teams are assigned certain nights to have parents work the concession stand. We ask 2 parents from the teams work in the concession stand, and players are more than welcome to help out too. .

B-Ball Game:
A-Ball Parents will work; report at 4:50pm to help with set-up, etc. Once the B-Ball games are complete and the B-Ball parents have arrived to take your place, you can leave

A-Ball Game:
B-Ball Parents will work; report immediately after the B-Ball game has ended. Clean-up can start at 8:15; and the stand can be closed at 8:30pm.

Concession Stand Manager
Heather Gaedtke


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